Money Beautifully Case Studies



“The personal growth is amazing! I’ve been stepping up & up thanks to Money Beautifully. It will rock your world”


“From an insecure introvert, scared to show myself..... to a self confident woman selling healing packages & speaking in public.”

Maria c. Brunetti - Healer, Germany

“Over £30,000 worth of cash and value manifested...”

Gozi Halima - Coach & Healer, Nigeria/UK

“The energy clearings really do work!

I learned to listen to myself and follow my intuition & to have confidence in myself.”

Natalia Wilmott, Online Boutique Owner, UK


“I doubled my income during Money's been a total gamechanger.”

Emma O' Brien - Photographer, South Africa

“The shifts I have made are priceless! It's changed how I see myself as a person & I feel empowered on every level....”

Danielle Hall-Smith - health & wellbeing coach, uk

“I manifest a new ideal job, won awards for best performer & DOUBLED my income compared to the previous 3 months!”

Rina Mittiga, State Training Manager, Australia

“I was searching for my next step &
I got huge clarity....”

Angela Stanton - Sales & Marketing Executive, USA