CENTRAL london, uk

Saturday 7th december

10am - 6pm



  • A day of powerful in person guided energy clearings to uplevel your money mindset

  • Clear your money blocks and your fears & negative beliefs related to money so you can increase your capacity for wealth & abundance.

  • Identify & clear the deep subconscious limiting beliefs stopping you reaching your next level of success

  • Get inspired, uplifted and filled with possibility at this high vibration event!


Inspiring - Tranformational - Fun

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Live Energy Clearings & Meditations

Live Energy work to clear limiting beliefs around money & re-programme your mind with more empowering beliefs on a deep & longlasting level.

Join a powerful live group vortex of energy to accelerate your shifts and walk away with immediate proven shifts in your belief system.

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Start writing a new story around Money and what’s possible for you!

In the Money Beautifully community we LOVE to celebrate, honour and support each other!

We’ll be celebrating how far you have come, and diving deep into what your new story looks like and identifying what needs to shift in your mindset to make it a reality.

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Live Hot Seats

Got any burning questions on where to go next?

Ready to shift your blocks?

I’ve got your back - we will be having live Hot Seats and taking audience Q&A.



connect & celebrate with polly & fellow money beautifully members over drinks post workshop

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"Money Beautifully Live today was fantastic. It was such a wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many inspiring entrepreneurs on the same path as me or people who've gone before me. Just being able to see what's possible if you commit to uplevelling your mindset and your growth and your development and to be inspired by Polly... She's fascinating to work with - the best decision I ever made for my own life & business.

My biggest a-ha moment today was uncovering more about my family's money story and how that's influenced me throughout the years, then learning how I can actually start to shift that and take control and have the ability to write my own story for success moving forwards."

Karina, Personal Brand Photographer

"So Money Beautifully Live was spectacular.

The energy was amazing in the group. The shifts were beautiful and deep and and I mean that's all I can ask for and even more than I expected.

I recommend this for anyone. Doesn't matter what you do, doesn't matter where you are in your life, just sign up. Go do it!"

AGNE, Coach & Healer

"Money Beautifully Live was a very powerful experience. I feel within this one day so many blocks have been released.

I came in today feeling very different to how I feel right now. I feel really aligned to what my purpose is, how I want to show up in this world and just really in an energy of trust where I feel if I stick to my mission and what I'm aligned to do here, all the abundance is just going to flow.

I'm really really grateful for this experience and I'm so glad I came over from Germany to be part of this."

DENNIS, Energy Worker & Healer

"Money Beautifully Live today was very special for me. I flew in from Germany and I had an epiphany about the purpose in my life PLUS I had two business ideas come to me. I'm quite grateful - I couldn't wait to put them down in my journal! I'm very grateful. The group, the atmosphere and meeting Polly… Personally, I'm just overwhelmed. I must say actually close to crying!"

MARIA, Energy & Sound Healer

"The Money Beautifully Live experience was amazing. Getting the energy clearings with other people in the room who have built their businesses or who are building their businesses... there was so much energy and joy and we've really finished the day on a high! I absolutely loved the day.

My biggest shift was that I can actually take my business (which is quite niche) and really take it into the world and develop it properly."

NATALIA, Online Boutique Owner

"Money Beautifully Live was amazing. I came all the way from Chile just for it especially and I knew it was going to be be incredible. And that's exactly how was it was, amazing.

My biggest shift today was feeling like I can do anything. I kind of knew it but now I FEEL it, and that's totally different. Now it's like it’s easy. That's how I feel. And that's a huge shift for me."


"Money Beautifully Live was an amazing experience for me.

I would recommend this programme to anyone. It's changed literally the way I think, it's changed a lot of core beliefs that I never knew I had. And I know it's changing my life. I'm looking forward to what is to come!"

TARA, Healer



early bird rate


*Registration/tickets are non-refundable. No exceptions, regardless of the circumstances. This event will be filmed & by booking a place you consent to this. By booking a ticket you agree to the Terms & Conditions here.





1. What time does the day run?

Arrival is between 9.30 and 9.55am, the event will start promptly at 10am. It is scheduled to finish by 6pm. It will be followed by an informal drinks reception at the bar on-site where you will have chance to connect with Polly & your fellow Money Beautifully attendees.

2. What does my ticket include?

A guaranteed seat and access to the full day live event & refreshments during the event. Lunch is at your own expense and there are many and varied options in the local area around the location to suit all budgets including an on-site coffee shop and restaurant.

3. Are tickets refundable?

The ticket cost of £297 is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cannot make the event for any reason it will not be possible to refund your payment.

4. What level is this event for?

This event is suitable for all levels of business owner - future, new and experienced entrepreneurs. The money mindset and energy work will support you in going to your next level from where you are at right now. We have had all levels of entrpreneurs take the Money Beautifully journey - from total newbies to 8 figure entrepreneurs. This work impacts all.

5. Do I have to be running my own business to benefit?

No. The event is aimed at all: aspiring, new and established entrepreneurs who are ready to go to their next level and make more money, more easily. I will be working on energy and mindset, which is 80% of success and essential for creating a powerful foundation for booking more clients and increasing your sales.

6. I am already drowning from information overload... will Money Beautifully Live make me feel more overwhelmed?

Excellent question. It’s no secret there are endless sources of free and paid information about how to make more money but Money Beautifully Live is actually a transformnational experience where we will shift limiting beliefs, clear blocks and create breakthroughs related to money LIVE on the day - yes, right there! There is no homework at this event!

You will create deep long-lasting mindset & energetic shifts on the day, clear many limiting beliefs, and walk away instantly changed. This has the potential to result in new income, opportunities and a greater sense of self worth. This is not just any workshop - it is a powerful live transformational experience and the energy in the room will be electric!





*Registration/tickets are non-refundable. No exceptions, regardless of the circumstances. This event will be filmed & by booking a place you consent to this. By booking a ticket you agree to the Terms & Conditions here.




  1. A more positive money mindset

  2. An expanded idea and belief in what's possible for you & an improved ability to receive

  3. Clarity on your wealth vision

  4. More confidence and less fear about becoming more successful

  5. Uplifted, inspired and feeling more abundant


About Polly


Polly Alexandre overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money, to live the life she was always meant to live. She travels between Ibiza, London, and LA, helping purpose-driven women & men like you manifest the resources they need and want, to live the life they’ve always dreamed of - and to give their greatest gifts to the world.

Polly is a certified Master Coach, an Intuitive Energy Healer & holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology. She blends her extensive transformational coaching experience, with a background in advertising, fashion & photography, and 15 years experience as an entrepreneur.

Students flock to her for her effervescent inspiration, her compassionate presence, and her super-power intuitive skills. She instantly tunes in through the noise to pinpoint the core of your issues - in ways other practitioners never have. 



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early bird rate


*Registration/tickets are non-refundable. No exceptions, regardless of the circumstances. This event will be filmed & by booking a place you consent to this. By booking a ticket you agree to the Terms & Conditions here.