Money Beautifully LIVE in LA!

Money Beautifully LIVE in LA!


Thursday 23rd August

Strictly limited to 5 spots only!

In this exclusive one day workshop you will:

  • Uncover the specific money blocks you are currently holding that are limiting your earning potential

  • Open up to greater level of expansion in your life & business through releasing negative beliefs around what's possible for you

  • Create hundreds of new positive money beliefs - instantly!

  • Experience a series of live energy clearings

  • Receive a 1:1 Hotseat session on the topic of your choice

  • Fast-track clearing your blocks creating powerful shifts in just 1 day vs months or even years.....

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Walk away with:

  • A new feeling of possibility!

  • Ready to significantly increase your income - graduates of the Money Beautifully Programme have seen dramatic increases in $$$ - new jobs, salary rises, new clients, new business, money from unexpected sources & more!

  • Feeling lighter, more optimistic, like a weight has been lifted

  • Freed from old patterns and entrenched ways of thinking

  • Faith & trust that more money & abundance is on it's way & you are supported by the Universe/the Creator

Some of the topics I will cover during the day:

  • Women and Money

  • Belief around Money itself

  • Beliefs around Spirituality & Money

  • Fear of Success

  • Fear of Growth/Upper Limit issues

  • Increasing your Self Worth so you can increase your Net Worth

  • Identifying & clearing ancestral and genetic programming that's keeping you stuck