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You know you are here to make a difference in the world.

You know you are meant for more.

Now it’s time to create the business that your soul
is calling you to create and bring your GIFTS to the world.


You have found what you are here to do, you have done so much inner work (and you are committed to doing more) and now you are ready to start working with clients or grow your business to become your full time mission. But it seems so overwhelming…what do you do first? How should you be spending your time? What should you be saying and where should you be saying it?

I know you feel confused and overwhelmed.

Some days you have the fire inside you and you feel unstoppable. And then a few days later you feel overwhelmed, confused and find yourself slipping back into procrastination, fear & doubt.

I hear you.

I am here to help make it easier, quicker and more joyful for you to go from fear to financial freedom, to come out of hiding and get visible, to help you clear the mindset and energy blocks to your growth and success, and to teach you what you don’t even know you need to know so that your journey is easier, more joyful and truly possible for you.

I’m also here to hold you accountable to keeping yourself in the game. I know how easy it is to get distracted, procrastinate and fall behind & I don’t want you to miss out on what’s possible for you this lifetime.

There are people waiting for what you have to offer the world. Right now.

I’m here to help you clear the blocks to doing your souls work and receiving all the abundance you desire in the process.

Ready to join me on this life changing journey?


Are You?

• Clear on what you are here to do, but confused about how to do it?
• Overwhelmed by all the information out there?
• Longing for someone to tell you the exact steps to take to create and build your business?
• Craving sisterhood and others who really get you and are on the same path...amazing women who can celebrate and support you? • Fed up of your gifts being more like a paid hobby (not to mention all the trainings you have invested in…)
• Worried about what people will think about when you put yourself out in the world as spiritual?
• Longing for a small intimate, supportive programme with others on the same journey so you feel less alone?


How would it feel to..

• Have clarity and a solid plan that will take you from building to launching or accelerating your coaching /healing /creative business?
• Replace your day job and be able to go full time in your new business.
• Become more confident, more visible with ease, make more money & book more clients?
• Overcome your fears so you can get into massive action?
• See that £5k+ months can be YOUR reality (and maybe get ready to leave your day job…)
• Feel confident in launching that new idea, offering or direction in your business?
• Experience incredible support from a multi six-figure spiritual entrepreneur and powerful healer as your mentor, someone that has taken the same path as you & know's exactly how it feels
• No longer look at others succeeding while feeling that you’ll never get there, but instead be focused & excited by your own journey
• Get detailed, specific help with emails, copy, branding and online marketing. What to do and what NOT to do.
• Finally pay off your debt, be consistently working with clients and excited about what’s possible and coming for you!



All of this is possible for you!


Success Stories


Before I signed up to Thrive Beautifully I didn’t know how I was going to deliver my gifts and talents into the world. I was out of my mind scared, beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before about being visible into the world.

My biggest concerns were am I good enough, can I really pull it off, can I be at the level of the other participants, is this really for me, will I be able to do the work and deliver, will I get judged or criticised by others on the journey or somehow feel excluded, lost, confused, or scared?

I feel like it has helped me shift, transform and shed lots of layers that were in my way to truly showing myself and my work in the world. I feel like a different person now and also like the journey is just beginning, and finally beginning! After so many decades and even lifetimes of contemplation and inward work, I finally understand that it’s time for me to take this out into the world. And I finally feel ready for it.

12 months later, I am a different person, my life and work are different, my relationships are different... my whole world around me has transformed. I have shifted and transformed in more ways than I can count!

Polly's programmes, 1:1 coaching and her guidance, love and support have been pivotal in finally unleashing in me the ability to express, expand and go out into the world. I am humbled and in awe, and I will always be grateful to her; her gifts and talents, her programs and healing and coaching for the enormous changes I’ve had in myself and my life, for the year we’ve been working together.

I chose Polly for her unique mix of healing and coaching, of compassion and love and a firm hand. The way she leads ‘tough love’, is perfect for me. I don’t think ANYONE ELSE on the planet could do for me what she did and still does for me.

Gabriela, Healer

MB is a brilliant programme: it is literally life changing!

Before Money Beautifully, my finances were a total mess: I could never make more than enough, every time I got some extra, I immediately had a leak, breaking home appliances or legal expenses to cover. And most importantly, I found it difficult and even awkward to charge for my artwork.

This programme, along with the private coaching with Polly that I invested in, contributed immensely to changing my life for the better and making my future much more exciting than I ever imagined...

Now I am actually making money from selling my artwork at last! I sold thousands of pounds of my work at my first exhibition as a new artist!

It was so powerful I signed up to the Money Beautifully journey for a second time!

Yulia Meek, Artist

“I've doubled my average client spend in my photography business. I've attracted some really great, high quality clients and I've been able to make the work I am passionate about creating. I won the Rangefinder Creatures Competition and an award in the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris & booked a great commercial dog photography commission.

Creatives in South Africa generally massively undercharge and under earn. On average I now earn 8 times the amount that other photographers generate in monthly income.

In just 6 months I took my mentoring business from idea to launch - website, Facebook page, Facebook ads, blogs, speaking gigs & more.

I have totally upgraded my mindset. Not slipping into the same scarcity mindset takes continual work, Thrive has really helped with that. The clearings are really useful, I listen to one every day to keep myself in an abundance mindset. I'm far less anxious as a result of the energy clearings and I'm better equipped to cope with the challenges that life throws at me.


Within just one session I made a massive shift in how I felt about money both on a personal and business level.

I booked a dream client literally hours later. On a fundamental level she made me see that I have been hugely under charging for my services for years.

I have since up-levelled my business in all areas and increased my pricing, so that I am now charging the rates my knowledge and expertise are actually worth and have booked clients at these rates with grace and ease.

I am now confident in my worth and my pricing and have since booked two high profile speaking engagements and another ideal client.

I feel elevated on every level!

Kim Balasubramaniam, Wedding Planner & Educator



I’m passionate about what’s possible for you, and helping good people like you share their gifts with the world, step into their brilliance & experience true financial freedom – just like my clients below…


D’Arcy Benincosa.png

I hit $21,000 MONTH FROM my COACHING BUSINESS after 8 weeks!

“After 2 months of implementing Polly's teachings, I was able to have my first $21k month from my new coaching business!"

- D’Arcy Benincosa

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“I had a $14k month and went on to hit consistent $10K+ months with a manageable number of clients."

- Cara Rice

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I'm Exceeding my original goal month-on-month

“The 6 months I have spent with Polly have been incredible and my life has changed in so many ways. My coaching business is exactly where I want it to be and I'm exceeding my original goal month-on-month."

- Faye Cornhill

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“That was the truly powerful thing about mentoring with Polly. She didn’t just help me though the specific issues I was tackling at the time, she helped me learn how to be a stronger, more confident, more efficient business person and woman."

- Ria Mishaal


Introducing the Thrive Beautifully Mastermind



the thrive beautifully mastermind IS An INTIMATE 12 MONTH MASTERMIND FOR NEW spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE & shIFt their blocks to making money in ther own business.



This program is designed to teach & support you how to create your online business, and is delivered in an intimate small group mastermind format online and with in person events.

Thrive Beautifully is a powerful 12 Month Mastermind that’s a combination of powerful teaching, coaching and energy clearing work and a supportive community to help you birth and grow your new spiritual business.


Business Teaching

Powerful teaching on all the key topics needed to start and grow your business. Delivered via workbooks, videos, live group teaching and by guest experts, as well as a Content Library with trainings to access whenever you need.

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Bi-weekly Group Coaching Calls answering your burning questions about business, mindset & the decisions you have to make in your new business. Personal support in Facebook Group from me & your peers.



Powerful LIVE bi-weekly Energy Clearings on money, and the key limiting beliefs that can impact the success of your new business – beliefs around visibility, fear of failure and rejection, worrying about what others will think and fear of judgment. These are totally custom to the group. A deep dive into your innermost fears and limitations so you can be free to move forwards.

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in-person live events

2 optional days of powerful in person guided clearings, meditations and coaching to clear your blocks & increase your abundance held in LA & Ibiza.

Celebrate your success in the Programme, your breakthroughs & wins with your Thrive Beautifully sisters in person, in LA & Ibiza.

Two inspiring, powerful & transformational events and yours FREE!



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This programme is unique because it brings together coaching, healing and business teaching to give you all the components you need to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur!


Programme Breakdown


Business Training Modules



1. Creating Powerful Foundations for your Successful Business

2. Your Ideal Client

3. Creating your Opt-in Offer

4. Creating your Programme & Pricing

5. Discovery Calls & Enrolling Clients

6. Using Social Media to Grow your List

7. Creating a Powerful Brand

8. Launching Your Website

9. Creating a Successful Photoshoot for your Business

10. The Success Mindset

11. How to Run a Successful Webinar

Future modules in 2019/2020 will cover topics including Launching an Online Programme, Growing your Team and Delegating, Scaling your Business, Content Planning, Marketing, Marketing/Selling VIP Days, Working with Groups.

Content is created in conjunction with the needs of the participants. Modules are released every 2 weeks.

PLUS Guest Expert Trainings with my own Financial, Legal, Branding & Facebook Ad Specialists


 Mindset Training

The secret sauce in Thrive Beautifully is the POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE deep mindset and energy work I do, to clear negative subconscious beliefs (including genetic and past life as well as from childhood).


Topics we cover include:

  • Visibility

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Self Belief & Confidence

  • Money Mindset

  • Fear of Failure

  • Overwhelm


The clearings are done live each call and adapt according to the needs of the group. Everything is completely bespoke and unique, channeled for the current members' needs.


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EXPERIENCE Thrive Beautifully Live in LA & Ibiza!

2 x 2 Day Events worth over £2500

4 days of powerful in person guided clearings, meditations and coaching to clear your blocks & increase your abundance.

Experience powerful breakthroughs & wins in person with your Thrive Beautifully brothers and sisters in LA & Ibiza. Experience the power of high vibration energy in selected beautiful 5 Star locations in Ibiza & LA.

A 2 Day retreat in each location with live energy clearings, hot seats, future visioning and much, much more. Two inspiring, powerful & transformational events and yours FREE!


What you will

walk away with…

  1. Clarity on your business, your brand and your offering

  2. A fully set up business with paying clients

  3. A system for consistently promoting and marketing yourself & bringing in new leads and clients & a growing list and community

  4. More money, more clients and an increased monthly turnover

  5. A more powerful mindset around money, self worth, confidence, purpose and what you are capable of


 Thrive Beautifully Facebook Group Successes!

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the investment

  • Access to all 15+ Thrive Beautifully Modules & Trainings

  • 2 x Live 2 Hour Group Coaching & Energy Clearing Calls per month

  • Facebook Community with personal support from Polly & Team

  • Bonus sessions from Guest Experts

  • BONUS (attendance optional): Your Ticket to Two Transformational Live In Person 2 Day Events in Ibiza in October 2019 & Los Angeles in March 2020 worth £1250 per event


Sessions on the first and third week of each month


payment plan


£2,500 to enrol with 12 payments of

best value


Pay in Full and save £2,000
vs payment plan