Why are thousands of people turning to Polly Alexandre to clear their money blocks?


What is Money Beautifully?

Money Beautifully is a unique 10 week group coaching programme that will completely transform the way you think and feel about money – and yourself!

The Programme combines teaching via video trainings, mindset coaching and energy clearing of your limiting beliefs to transform negative thinking and identify and clear the limiting beliefs you have around money.

The course is delivered via video trainings, interactive workbooks and weekly live calls every Monday at 8pm BST / 12 noon PST.

You will learn a whole new way of thinking about money, create powerful new habits and increase your ability to attract and manifest money.


Before the course, my business had plateaued and I was struggling to bring money in. I wanted to change direction but I lacked the confidence to launch a new idea. I was frustrated and fed up.

Now half way through – and without changing my marketing or doing anything differently on the outside, things have started to turn around! I’m making money consistently & I am consistently booking clients.

It’s literally from completing the modules and doing the energy healing that this has happened!

The value of the Programme FAR exceeds what I have paid for it! I highly recommend Money Beautifully!”

Emma O'Brien, Photographer

During Money Beautifully I have manifested over $22,000 worth of cash and value which is absolutely MIND BLOWING!

My sales in my job have TRIPLED since the start of the Programme!!!

Rina Mittiga, State Sales Manager

This course has the power to change your life!

My confidence has increased 10x! I now have absolute faith in everything unfolding for my highest good & a whole new set of beliefs around money.

Lacy Mayberry, Writer

Money Beautifully helps you transform your money blocks and clears the way for you to attract more clients as well as monetary abundance.

I experienced enormous transformation! Quite simply Money Beautifully paves the way for you to live up to your full potential!

This programme takes you to the core of your beliefs and helps release old patterns and literally "frees you up".
Polly does challenge us, and the weekly modules are very clear and ambitious. However, this is combined with such understanding, empathy, intuition and experience. Her weekly live group calls are full of empathic encouragement and deeply touching & effective energy clearing - you do not want to miss them.

My biggest achievement so far is a whole new mindset around who I am and what I can attract in my life! I could not have hoped for a better guide for this "journey“ - I feel safe, consider myself "seen, uplifted and inspired.

Polly has the gift to meet every participant at eye level - with an open heart and without judgement. She creates a space for the Money Beautifully group and it’s members where everyone meets each other with highest respect, honesty, understanding and encouragement...... regardless of where everyone is at, regardless of how big or small the individual businesses are. This is truly unique.

Maria Brunetti, Coach & Healer




PLUS receive a powerful FREE Manifest More Money Meditation to start changing your money story immediately!


You know deep down you are good at what you do, and deserve more, but you feel stuck and unsure how to go to the next level….

It’s time to transform your relationship with money.

Changing my money mindset has been one of the biggest journeys of my life – earning it, keeping it, managing it, believing I am worth it, raising my rates, learning how to create more….you name it, I’ve worked on it!

I used to believe it was hard to make money, there was never enough: my story was one of lack and scarcity. Of boom then bust. Of never enough.

Does any of this sound like you?

Yes? You're in the right place. 



It’s 4:44 AM, and I’ve been woken up again at that exact moment, with an idea that just won’t quit bothering me. This has been happening every night for the past week. 

Finally, I decide, this is not some random event, and I need to listen to what’s coming through me, and do something about it. 

I grab my journal and my pen. And the writing and ideas start pouring through me.

Pages and pages of writing...

I didn't know where it was coming from...

The message I was getting was that I needed to heal my own family lineage patterns around money… and that when I did this, I’d be able to help others do it as well… 

Like most people, I didn’t need to go back very far in my family lineage to see deep wounds around money. 


My grandmother was one of 13 children in her family who lived in a workhouse, where totally destitute people worked 16 hours a day to earn a a bit of food and a place to lay their head in a dirty bed. (Think Dickens novels here.) 

Fortunately, my parents escaped this fate. Through working four jobs, my dad was able to buy a set of horse stables, that they were going to convert into a house. I came along before the work was finished, and spent my first few weeks in a caravan. 

(No wonder I’ve come to feel so connected spiritually to horses!)

So yes… my early years were “simple.” But I won a place at a high-performance school - and it seemed as though I was on my way to escape the poverty roots of my family.

I was the first person in my family, ever, to go to university. I came to London after graduating to study fashion and photography. I started working at Marie Claire, and quickly leapfrogged into a job in fashion PR. 

This would seem like a dream job - how many young women would love to work in fashion? (Free Jimmy Choo shoes, hello?!) But basically, I was a glorified coffee-fetcher, and I knew I was destined for bigger things. I didn’t quite know what at that point - but I knew I had to move on. So I quit, with no Plan B. 

I was at a friend’s house, working on my CV, and I had to send it out that night. Right before I was about to send it out, the power in the whole street went out. A neighbour knocked on the door, inviting us over to their house, with candles, a wind-up radio, and of course, wine. We had a grand old time drinking and laughing. 

The next morning, a note came under the door from these neighbours - with an offer of a job for me in a top London advertising agency.

I have always paid attention to
"signs from the universe" 

- and this couldn't have been a bigger sign!

So began my unplanned career in advertising. 

I came from nothing, so the fact that I was earning a solid salary for the first time felt amazing to me. I started to travel, and went on holidays for the first time, and went shopping. 


By the time I was 28, I was ready to buy my own house - in an up-and-coming neighborhood in London. By that time, I also knew that I needed to be doing something more creative with my talents. 

I followed my intuition... I knew there was something greater out there for me.

And again, I quit my comfortable job with only a marginal Plan B - in this case, renting out rooms in my house to students, which paid the mortgage. 

I’d been winning creative competitions, including photography, since I was young. At university, I had been paid to shoot the underground party scene in Sheffield. I decided now was the time to explore photography as a career more deeply. 

Soon, I manifested a business mentor, a grant to start a business in my neighbourhood, and my first clients. 

For the first time, at age 30, I was making money doing what I loved. I had gone from making no money, to then making money in a way that made me miserable, believing I had to sacrifice my happiness to have money. 

"Wow, you can do what you love make money?" 

This was a revelation to me and I’ve never looked back. 

This is when my money mindset first kicked into high gear. I learned all about asking for money, and raising my rates. I went from £500 shoots to £5,000 shoots. 

I also learned about branding. I loved and believed in film, and this was a time when everyone was going digital, and saying film was dead. Instead of believing them and following the herd, I stuck with my passions, and this became something that set me apart.  When you love and believe in something, you can sell it. 

With my success, I was able to buy my second home - my dream house in Ibiza. I moved there with my boyfriend, and the day we arrived, he proposed to me. 

My life seemed perfect. I had my man, my business, my dream home, on my dream island. 

And then suddenly everything fell apart…

Within 6 months, my mother died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed cancer, and my father got diagnosed with cancer as well. As a response to the incredible stress, I developed my own serious, ongoing allergies that kept me from working to my full capacity.

All of this might have been manageable, but then one more loss pushed me over. A year after our wedding, my husband walked out suddenly, without warning or explanation.



My family had fallen apart.
My marriage had fallen apart.
My health had fallen apart.



I was spending so much energy dealing with all this trauma, my money dried up, and I had to sell my house in Ibiza, the one I had dreamed about for years. I started panicking about money. 

As I was searching online for what to do, I saw an advert for a life and business coach. I had always thought coaching was ineffective and a waste of time. But in this case, I knew I was in a bad way and needed support, so I took the woman up on her offer of a free consultation.

I started crying on the phone - these were tears of recognition that I needed to work with her. I was already in debt, so I figured I could go a little more because I needed this. 

I put the coaching on my credit card - and within the same week, a photography gig came in for exactly the amount I had just put on the card. I figured this was a sign! 

The coach helped my put my life back together. I got my photography site updated. I raised my rates. Work started coming in, and things felt like they were coming back together in my life.

And this is when the upswing really began...

I saw just how dramatically my life, my business and my money had turned around from this short stint of coaching, I knew that there was more here for me to explore, and share with the world. 

I began a deep-dive into my own money mindset, to understand how and why I had lost it all, and how I was able to rebuild it quickly. 

I saw all the programming around money I had grown up with. I had so many family stories around money. I had carried debt for so long. I had always panicked on tax day, pulled it together at the 11th hour, and then went through the cycle of ignoring money for a year until the next bill was due. A pattern of scarcity and never-enough ran my life. 

“Never again,” I decided.

WY3_9510 copy.jpg

I had always loved Martha Stewart magazine - being published there was my dream. Every year, I had sent them the best shots from the weddings I had photographed, and every year, they turned me down. 

It turned out, someone in the magazine had been paying attention to me, and my work and persistence, over the years. Out of the blue, I got named as one of their top photographers worldwide. (They’ve never done that again, only that one year, so I’m still on their list!)

The list turned into an invitation to shoot a wedding for them. The wedding shoot turned into 12 pages in their magazine. And the 12-page feature turned into a cover story.

"I get to see my work on a newsstand?! OMG!"

I believe the reason I won the cover, when none of my peers had, is that I kept submitting. I didn’t give up. I just kept doing the work and clearing my beliefs, working on my mindset and believing it’s possible, having faith and trust. 

Through all the clearing and healing and personal development work I was doing, I realized that wealth consciousness was possible for me - and I had seen it with my own eyes and experience, in my recovery. 

I went from zero to 6 figures in 13 months in my new coaching business – part time. In less than a year I doubled my coaching fee from £2500 to £5000 and clients lined up to book my new packages. 

I raised my photography rates from £3500 to £7500 in just 2 years - an increase of over 200%.

My business growth went from 5 figures to over $250,000 in just 2 years. 

I started taking my own learnings about how to transform your money mindset, and sharing them with coaching clients. 

The more I learned, the more tools I got, the more I shared.

As my intuitive abilities strengthened and grew, I started being able to see the exact blocks that were stopping people making money. 

My clients were seeing incredible results...

  • In the first 90 days with me, Lisa brought in over £40,000 of new business.
  • D'Arcy went from new coach to a £21k month in 8 weeks
  • Cara hit a $14k month after 4 weeks and went on to hit consistent $10k+ months with a manageable number of clients.

But, as much as I love working with 1-on-1 clients, I could only work with a few people that way. 

That’s when I created Money Beautifully™ to share these teachings with the world. It came to me that this is what I needed to be doing. And this is what I’m sharing with you now. 

With Love & Success,



See the results from OUR memberS:


I have had an AMAZING week for manifesting! I have manifested a total of $5,500 worth of cash and value. I even won a statue of a Hindu god Ganesha which is the god of prosperity, wisdom and wealth!


Money Worry seems to have left the building! 🎉🌟🎉

I still habitually question my money situation when it comes to spending, but I’ve noticed that the worry doesn’t feel true anymore. It feels more like an old habit, but not relevant or needed anymore - which is a nice new feeling! ☺️

So that’s my aha-news so far. Pretty exciting just for Day 1!


“My total money/value for the duration of the course was $11,724.65. I'm not sure what percentage it went up because I wasn't the greatest abundance tracker before...but if I had to guess, I'd say at least 100%. I am, as Polly says, gobsmacked!”


This week I have been treated to $170 in dinners/lunches, free parking that should have cost $50, a surprise 20% off on a bag I needed to buy to travel back to London, and let's not forget the 20 cent coin I spotted on the floor of the hotel lobby! I have also sold 3 products on my website and we received our largest stockist order yet of £1300

I want to do a happy joyful cry…..the collective energy is this Group is so powerful and bright!!

I am so grateful to have found this space with everyone in the group and for everything that is being shared and discovered by all of us. Knowing you are not alone on the path really makes a difference.





PLUS receive a powerful FREE Manifest More Money Meditation to start changing your money story immediately!




Available as soon as you enroll!

How to make the most of this Programme and the mindset for success.

Your Welcome Module will be delivered as soon as you enroll, so you can get started right away! The groundwork you do in this module will help you get even better results from the Programme. The focus is on clearing the decks, getting organised and making space for the new. You also learn more about time management and procrastination, and set goals for the Programme.

Profound shifts can occur when you do this, before the course has even started!



In Module 1 we’ll look at what wealth & abundance really is & you’ll create your exciting vision of an abundant life, which will be a key tool in attracting and manifesting more money.

We will clear blocks to thinking bigger, receiving more, feeling guilty about wanting more, what’s possible for you & barriers to deserving and receiving more.


uncovering your money story

In Module 2 you will learn the truth about money & the inner, outer and higher work required to master it. You will uncover your money story, where it came from and how it’s affecting you today.  

You will start bringing in some powerful & simple new habits that will transform how you receive & think about money, and when used over time will multiply the amount of money you receive. 


uncovering your money blocks

In Module 3 you’ll uncover your money blocks, learn about the different types of money blocks and understand why it’s so important to clear them.

I will work with you on clearing the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from all the wealth that is available to you in our live energy clearing sessions.

You’ll learn the common false beliefs about money, understand your own money patterns and then re-wire them for new results!


the power of forgiveness

Some of the biggest blocks to being able to receive more money is holding on to your regrets, failures and mistakes – and those negative, critical voices inside your head. Learn how transforming & releasing these will allow you to receive more, and feel worthy of more.

You will complete transformational forgiveness exercises and experience powerful energy work that will release old regrets, energy and resentments, allowing you to be a clearer channel for receiving money. This is a gamechanger!


FEEL Wealthy NOW

We’ve spent the last few weeks uncovering your old money story and finding your money blocks. Now it’s time to write a new money story!

This is where you get to choose the direction of the rest of your life: you get to literally re-write your story & create a new one.

You will learn easy and very effective ways to feel wealthy now and change your energy and feelings around money. Bring in new powerful tools for thinking differently about money that will produce different results. 


feel worthy of more

Welcome to Module 6 – this week it’s all about growing your sense of self worth.

In order to receive are more money and more abundance, you need to believe you are worthy of it.

When you start valuing yourself more, the world will start valuing you more.  

This week you will learn how to do this, and I’ll be clearing blocks to feeling worthy and deserving of money in our live session. You will release negative programming & self worth issues from childhood in a gentle and safe manner. 


manifesting more money

In Module 7 it’s all about how to manifest more powerfully. It’s time for YOU to become a Manifesting Guru! 

Learn my 10 Step Process for being a powerful manifestor of everything you desire using the Law of Attraction (manifesting is my superpower and I love this because it’s SO powerful!).

If what you want is not coming to you yet, it because there are blocks to you having it, so we’ll be diving in and doing energy work to start releasing these & I’ll address your questions in the Live Q&A. 


transform your fears

This week is a powerful one! Unlimited money can come in when there are no blocks to receiving it but we are all holding fears that can literally block the money coming in….without even realizing.

85% of your fears are subconscious so you’re not even aware of them. In this week’s session I will guide you to uncover and start releasing those fears, and we will clear the blocks in your way to you taking action (because it’s through action that you actually receive!)

You’ll learn about both fear and mindset money blocks and learn strategies for addressing fear when it comes up in your life and business. 


RAISE YOUR RATES & make money fast

At some point, making more money is likely to involve you either raising your rates if you are an entrepreneur, or asking for a rise if you have a job. This can be very triggering!

This week we look at how to price your services, how to raise your rates, feel good about your new pricing so you can actually book clients, and how to generate cash fast.


review & celebration

Integrate the learnings from the Programme, understand how to continue the work and stay on track with your powerful new habits.

Create clarity about what’s next, celebrate your wins and transformation and make a plan for continuing to expand your money mindset. 


Meeting Polly and going through the Money Beautifully program has been one of the best investments I've made for myself and my business.

Before coming on the program I was aware that I had blocks in receiving and in asking for what I want. However, the biggest breakthrough I've had on the program has been in forgiving the past. Forgiving people, events and importantly myself, which has freed up so much space in my life.

Since being on the program I've been able to identify, work through and release many of the blocks that have been holding me back and in so doing, I have manifested some pretty amazing experiences, for example a trip to Kenya!

Polly has such an amazing way of being able to get to the crux of any matter with such love, that even if you are feeling any resistance you know you are well held and supported to go through it; and the community is also great which adds to experience of the program.

With love and gratitude, thank you Polly. I'm loving being a powerful manifestor, manifesting my true hearts desire.

Gozi Halima Nwachukwu, Purpose and Strategy Consultant

The course has really opened me up to a new way of living, being and earning for me!

One of the biggest things is realising I don’t have to work incredibly hard to the detriment of my family. Work can be a flow and be done with grace and ease.

Another huge part is feeling and charging my worth. I’m not falling into the scarcity trap as I feel fully supported.

Since starting Money Beautifully, I’ve had a lot of enquiries and more orders of higher values!

Charging more for my services feels so much more natural and I’m now able to look at super expensive things and see myself with them

Katie Wood, Katie Sue Design

Money Beautifully has sparked powerful change for me. I've uncovered some long-held limiting beliefs and am beginning to let them go. Polly has tremendous energy, skill, and intuition, which, along with the support of the group, has fostered an environment that's been hugely influential in making some serious shifts in my thinking and actions.

I've become more accountable with my money logistics, can feel myself giving over to being in trust (rather than fear and scarcity), and have a marked increase in confidence and faith in my higher self and potential.

Lacy Mayberry, Writer

Money Beautifully was a fabulous course which has challenged me, made me see money in a positive light and has completely changed my perception of the world.

It’s also given me a boost of confidence and helped me appreciate myself. I wished it has never ended! I am starting to find my true self without being hindered by money story, and it’s having a positive impact on my family too. Now I can truly say ‘I love money and money loves me!’

Natalia Wilmott, Online Boutique

Within just one session I made a massive shift in how I felt about money both on a personal and business level.

I booked a dream client literally hours later. On a fundamental level she made me see that I have been hugely under charging for my services for years.

I have since up-levelled my business in all areas and increased my pricing, so that I am now charging the rates my knowledge and expertise are actually worth and have booked clients at these rates with grace and ease.

I am now confident in my worth and my pricing and have since booked two high profile speaking engagements and another ideal client.

I feel elevated on every level!

Kim Balasubramaniam, Wedding Planner & Educator

Much more than just a course about money, Money Beautifully helped me to create a whole new mindset, with much more trust in the universe and its plans for me!

The Programme changed my relationship with money, but also helped me to feel more confident in myself & transformed what I feel capable of achieving.

My biggest win was manifesting my ideal new job, with my dream position, salary and location!! Amazing!

I also learned to surrender and not panic when things don't happen the way I planned & I feel now confident enough with myself to follow my passion and study life coaching!

Money Beautifully is packed full of incredibly valuable content, direct access to Polly, who shares her huge knowledge with generosity and is supporting us all in a beautiful way, and a lovely FB group/community where I feel safe, supported, listened to & where I can be vulnerable, open and share without fear of being judged.

The energy of this group is incredible and we all learn from each other, it is so very powerful!

Valerie Mege, Guest Relations/New Coach

I signed up for Money Beautifully because I could see some recurring patterns in my approach to money and spending - old thought habits and outdated beliefs that were limiting my enjoyment of money and life in general.

Polly's teaching and wisdom have inspired me to become more organised with my finances, to upgrade all areas of my life, and to let go of old stories.

I’ve noticed lots of shifts but the most noticeable is a calmer, more peaceful and joyful relationship with money.

I’m also enjoying some tangible results - some amazing new levels of progress and success in my business, and I’m more confident than ever that I can create my dreams and goals, (which is a lovely feeling).

Worrying less about money and enjoying increased abundance in my daily life - it’s very liberating!

This journey is both fascinating and fun, with the added blessing of a small community of generous, inspiring and powerful women to share the breakthroughs and challenges.

So if you have any kind of blocks or issues around money, I highly recommend Polly’s beautiful, powerful work and the Money Beautifully course. Polly is a master on this topic!

Danielle Raine, Creativity Coach

I am worth more than just enough - that's one of the key sentences I love to repeat since I joined Money Beautifully. When I started the course I struggled a lot with my whole money mindset & flow.

Before Money Beautifully I was repelling money and already I have a more relaxed relationship with money and am much more aware of the abundance in my life.

I've never experienced such a powerful and compassionate group. This course has a clear and comprehensive structure with additional weekly live calls with great energy clearings and tons of quick easy to action steps. I am so glad I decided to join the Money Beautifully journey!

Nicole Vandieken, Coach

MB is a brilliant programme: it is literally life changing!

Before Money Beautifully, my finances were a total mess: I could never make more than enough, every time I got some extra, I immediately had a leak, breaking home appliances or legal expenses to cover. And most importantly, I found it difficult and even awkward to charge for my artwork.

This programme, along with the private coaching with Polly that I invested in, contributed immensely to changing my life for the better and making my future much more exciting than I ever imagined...

Now I am actually making money from selling my artwork at last! I sold thousands of pounds of my work at my first exhibition as a new artist!

It was so powerful I signed up to the Money Beautifully journey for a second time!

Yulia Meek, Artist


About Polly


Polly Alexandre overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money, to live the life she was always meant to live. She travels between Ibiza, London, and LA, helping purpose-driven women like you manifest the resources they need and want, to live the life they’ve always dreamed of - and to give their greatest gifts to the world.

Polly is a certified Master Coach, an Advanced Theta Healer (up to DNA 3) & holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology. She blends her extensive transformational coaching experience, with a background in advertising, fashion & photography, and 14 years experience as an entrepreneur.

Students flock to her for her effervescent inspiration, her compassionate presence, and her super-power intuitive skills. She instantly tunes in through the noise to pinpoint the core of your issues - in ways other practitioners never have. 


Ready for these immediate results in your life?






+ What makes this Programme unique?

Money Beautifully is a Group Coaching Programme with teaching via self study video modules and workbooks, together with weekly live energy clearing & Q&A sessions.

The programme brings together powerful transformational coaching with intuitive energy clearing techniques to create deep inner transformation & clear your money blocks.

Not only will you uncover your money blocks, but you will also have the support and techniques to clear them, and have a very special and supportive community to hold yourself accountable to action and implementing the material - essential when you get stuck, feel like giving up or find yourself procrastinating.

+ Will you help me with ideas for making money in my business?

Yes. Although this is not a business course I will be covering ideas for manifesting money fast & covering pricing & how to raise your rates.

It’s the perfect complement to a marketing or business course & the actions you are already taking. I have seen time and time again with my own clients, how it’s possible to create a massive uplift in income without taking any different action, just through this energy and mindset work & changing your beliefs.

You will need to take action – we receive through action – but when you do so from this new mindset and energy, you will get different results – much better results!

+ Will you teach me how to make more money?

This is not a programme to teach you marketing techniques, how to build an online business or how to invest your money.

It WILL teach you how to change your mindset around money & completely change your energy so you change what you attract into your life.

You will shift deep limiting beliefs that will allow you to take different action, and you learn practical actions you can take in order to attract more clients and make more money.

Mindset is proven to be 80% of success, and when your mindset changes the action you take changes, and you get different results. This programme will help you create a new money mindset, manage and think about money differently & clear the blocks to receiving more.

+ Will I get personal coaching from you?

Each week you will have the opportunity to call in for personal laser coaching in the weekly Q&A.

I will also be in the Facebook Group every weekday for the duration of the Programme answering your questions and providing support. Yes, that’s every weekday!

Money Beautifully participants also have the exclusive opportunity to book single sessions with me to fasttrack their growth and transformation as my schedule allows. This is ONLY available to Money Beautifully members! I do not offer single sessions publicly.

+ Is a Facebook Group included in the Programme?

Yes! Your private Facebook group is your chance to meet other women in the programme who are on the same journey, to form new connections and friendships, and receive support from me and your sisters.

+ I’m doing well, but I’m ready to do even better! Is this for me?

Absolutely! At every level there is a mindset shift required and these tools will help you to go to your next level: whether it’s 6 figures or 7 figures.

At every level there’s a new deeper level of patterns to clear, and this programme will support you in getting to your next level.

+ Will I make the money I invest back?

This program teaches you everything I’ve done personally to hugely shift my money story.

This is the exact same work I do with my private clients who pay £10,000+ to work with me.

Everyone’s story is different so it’s impossible to guarantee a specific outcome. What I do know is that if you put in the work, implement what I teach you, and you listen to the clearing sessions, then things WILL change for you for the better.

This work is incredibly powerful and I know firsthand that it has the power to change your life forever.

+ When does Money Beautifully start?

The next round of the Programme starts on Monday 1st October. All modules are hosted on an online training platform for you to listen to at your convenience. All live calls are also recorded. It lasts 10 weeks.

As soon as you enroll you can get started – there’s an awesome orientation module to get you started right away so the sooner you sign up the better!

+ When are the call times?

Call times will always be on Mondays at 8pm BST / 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm CET. The first of the live calls falls on October 1st. Before we officially begin, there are 2 Early Bird BONUS live group coaching sessions on 9th August and 13th September at 8pm BST / 12pm PST.


What if you say 'yes' to Money Beautifully?


What if we turn your money situation around?

What would that do for your life?

What would your life look like if you doubled your income?

Imagine the things you would do, the places you would go….the experiences you could have….

What if you start making enough money to travel to your dream destinations, to move into a bigger home, to go an a shopping trip for a new wardrobe….

What if you finally have MORE than enough money and you can finally pay off your debts and start becoming truly financially independent?



What if you decide to say 'no'?

Imagine what it would feel like to be in exactly the same place in a year’s time….. still struggling, feeling unsupported, alone, confused, in fear around money….

Your mindset keeps holding you back from getting where you want to be…. That voice in your head

You keep making the same money as always…it never seems to grow

You keep making the same mistakes over and over again…

You’re in exactly the same place as you were last year…. And the year before that….

What will it cost you to not do it?


If you are in radical action it will pay for itself – do this work and it WILL work for you!





PLUS receive a powerful FREE Manifest More Money Meditation to start changing your money story immediately!